Bakemonogatari – 08

August 31, 2009 at 12:27 am | Posted in Anime | Leave a comment

Yes, I have decided to write on Bakemonogatari. However, I’m going to leave the summary and analysis to Random Curiosity, since they’re doing a great job at it, and just squee over Senjougahara here.

That’s it, end of Sugura Monkey arc this week. There was basically a short intense fight between Koyomi and Sugura of Sugura beating up Koyomi, and who else to the rescue but Senjougahara?!


Angry at Koyomi for hiding a secret from her, she shows her true nature:

... and scary...

but forgives him since he’s probably already died 10,000 times at Sugura’s hands.

... and cool at the same time?

She then confronts Sugura, threatening to kill her if Koyomi dies.


The Confrontation

Sugura confesses to Senjougahara, who rejects her once again as a lover, but who apparently has other thoughts of her own…

The Seduction

The Reconciliation

The Truth

Does that mean Sugura is precious to Senjougahara? In some special way?😄
(I know, I’m kidding myself)

Next week on Bakemonogatari, the Nadeko Snake arc.

Nadeko Snake arc

PS: I love the new opening song this week by Miyuki Sawashiro. I’m hoping it’ll return again next week, but it’s unlikely.

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