Shin-chan Creator Confirmed Dead (Updated)

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An update to the previous news, a body was found in the Gunma Prefecture’s mountains on 19th Sept, and the details were that the clothing on the remains resemble those of Yoshito Usui. The body has now been confirmed as being him.

The remains were found about 120 meters below the cliff, and were lying facing down with apparent fractures throughout the entire body. It is believed he had fallen from the cliff.

It is such a great loss. I wonder what will happen to Crayon Shin-chan now.


The Sankei Sports paper reports that Futabasha’s Manga Town magazine will continue serializing the Crayon Shin-chan manga from the late creator Yoshito Usui until its December issue, which will ship in November. Usui had already submitted his art for two more installments. Usui had met with his editors on September 7 and talked with them over the phone two days later, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary at the time. Authorities have determined on Sunday that Usui died from injuries sustained from a fall at Arafune mountain on the afternoon of September 11.

The TV Asahi station said in a public comment that it thanks the creator for all of his achievements in his life and expressed the staffers’ “condolences from our hearts.” The staffers added that they wish to decide on the future of the television anime series after first discussing with the people involved. The anime series had already been on a previously scheduled break until October 16, but a decision has not been made on whether a new episode will actually air on that date.

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