Bakemonotagari Unaired Episodes

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As previously mentioned, there are 3 unaired Bakemonogatari episodes ending the “Tsubasa Cat” arc, and hopefully covering “Koyomi Vamp” too. The official website has now announced that episode 13 (the first unaired episode) will be released online on 28 Oct.

Sigh. You mean I have to wait 3 more weeks to know the conclusion of “Tsubasa Cat”?!

Yumeiro Pâtissière – 01

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Amano Ichigo dreams of being a patissiere, after falling in love with the pastries that her grandmother made for her as a kid. At a Sweets Fiesta, she samples a cake that is similar in taste in her grandmother’s, and talks to the patissier Henri Lucas, hoping to discover the reason why. They then discover that he is the great-grandson of the founder of St. Mary Academy, the pastry academy that her grandmother attended in the past, which is why the taste is similar. He is impressed by Ichigo’s sense of taste and invites her to join the academy to learn to be a patissiere. That night, she finally convinces her parents of her dream and they approve of her transfer to St. Mary Academy in Paris.

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Miracle Train – 01

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The story revolves around a miraculous train that exists to aid troubled passengers, through the help of six bishounens (+ 1 handsome conductor and 1 female loli guide) who are physical manifestations of the Oedo Line’s train stations. In this episode, a girl has lost her dog, and the bishounens help her to look for him. She later reveals that the dog is her only friend, and that she would be all alone without him, which is why she is extremely anxious about his disappearance. After much searching, they managed to find the dog, and the girl bids farewell to the train.

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Letter Bee – 01

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Gauche Suede is a Letter Bee, aka a member of the Amberground national postal service. He arrives at a burnt-down home and discovers that his delivery package is a small boy named Lag Seeing. Lag reveals that his mother was taken away to the capital by some people (possibly they burnt the home down). Lag does not believe that his mother would send him away, and blames the group of people instead.

Along the way, they encounter a Gaichuu (armored insect) and Gauche defeats it easily with his Dingo, Roda. Gauche explains that the Gaichuu can only be defeated by firing “fragments of the hearts” using the Shindanjuu (Heart Bullet Gun). However, a Spirit Amber (amber in which an insect spirit is trapped) is needed to activate the Shindanjuu, and firing fragments of the heart would weaken the user, eventually killing him.

Lag accidentally fires a shot at Gauche, who is then able to see into his memories of his mother (since he fired a shot of his heart at him). To save Lag, Gauche also fired a healing shot into Lag, who sees into Gauche’s memories of why he aims to be Head Bee. He wakes up to see fragments of a huge group of Gaichuus, which were lured by their use of heart, and a tired Gauche.

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Anime Review: Valkyria Chronicles

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Adapted from the PS3 game of the same name, two powerful factions, Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation, are engaging in war over the precious mineral Ragnite. The Imperial forces attacks the town of Bruhl in the neutral nation Gallia, where Welkin Gunther, son of late war hero General Belgen Gunther, is. With his sister Isara and Town Watch captain Alicia Melchiott, they managed to delay the Imperial forces, allowing for the escape of the townspeople. They then join the country’s militia forces as newly formed Squad 7, and begin their assault to overthrow the Imperial forces and end the war.

Valkyria Chronicles is a strategy game. Welkin is supposed to be a tactical genius who easily take advantage of the battlefield landscape to defeat the enemies with minimal losses. As such, having played the game, I was expecting the anime to have slightly more war tactics, at the very minimum to be like Tytania. However, it soon became apparent that the producers prefer to concentrate on the drama, such as character development and the relationship between Alicia and Welkin. It can still make for a great story, if not for the following.

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