Seitokai no Ichizon – 02

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Seitokai work: to handle complaints from students Round 1: FIGHTO! Disapproval from Chizuru means no....Qn: Why is there the Law of Equivalent Exchange?   Ans: Ask my right hand! The sensei refuses to teach properly Such an unmotivated President

It is the inevitable time of the year – exams period. Kurimu initiates a study session to leech studying strategies off the other members, but only manages to learn Yu-Gi-Oh techniques from Mafuyu. Ken ponders over what his options for the Kurimu route are in such a situation, but the hard disk is sadly destroyed by her before we get to see the ending scene. Meanwhile, Chizuru brainwashes Kurimu into obeying her every command, and Ken willingly converts into her slave to obtain the strategy book for easy management of his harem.

Several days later, Kurimu fails all her papers, and the seitokai’s conclusion is that she needs to change herself. Chizuru whisks Mafuyu into the changing room and dresses her in a super moe outfit, inducing nosebleeds in Ken as he debates the attraction of the outfit with his other pervy friends. At the end of the day, Ken tells Kurimu that what she needs to change is to study more, but they (the seitokai) still love her for who she is. Taking it the wrong way, Kurimu declares that she would not study in that case, and Chizuru, who overheard the conversation, opens the door…

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Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini – 01

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