To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 03

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Uiharu and Saten are meeting Kuroko and Misaka at Tokiwadai Middle School, but Saten falls into a puddle and has to change into a spare Tokiwadai uniform, much to Uiharu’s envy. Uiharu later gets called away for Judgment duty, accompanied by Kuroko, leaving Misaka with Saten. Apparently there is a student in the campus who can become invisible and thus uses such an ability to attack Tokiwadai students with an electric charger and do something horrifying to the unconscious girls. Meanwhile, Saten gets attacked when she is in the restroom and is discovered by Misaka.

After some minor detective work as to why the culprit is invisible to the victims, but visible through the CCTV and mirrors, and with Saten’s eyewitness account, they concluded that the culprit is Jufuku Miho, a girl with the ability Dummy Check that prevents people from noticing that they are being watched. They corner her after chasing her throughout the city with Uiharu monitoring her via CCTV, and Miho attacks Misaka using the taser (really, trying to electrify a person with electrical abilities?) but gets shocked instead. She confesses that she does such a terrifying thing due to a heart-wrenching rejection from a boy she loves. Saten consoles her and gains herself a female admirer in the process. Meanwhile, Misaka has doubts about the credibility of the database’s information, since Miho, as a level 2, is not supposed to be able to turn herself fully invisible, but is able to do so.

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Sasameki Koto – 02

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Summarizing the story in one paragraph, Sumi finally gathers the courage to confess to Ushio after being told by Akemiya Masaki, a male classmate, that she is pretty cute. However, before Sumi could do so, Ushio unknowingly told her that although she is cool, too Sumi is not her type. Ushio catches sight of Yamasaki Akemi, a reader model she is infatuated with from a fashion magazine and shouts after her. Akemi takes flight upon seeing them, and Sumi runs after her, trying to reassure her that Ushio just wants to be friends with her, when Sumi discovers that Akemi is Masaki in disguise. Masaki confesses to being in love with Sumi, and the latter rejects him gently, revealing that she is in love with Ushio. Both parties, however, admit that being rejected or having a one-sided love does not mean that it would make them give up on their love.

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Saimoe 2009 Finals

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Taiga has better defeat Yui tonight after she killed off my Hinagiku and Mihoko, if not I would pitch another fit.

Kämpfer – 03

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Female Natsuru is an instant hit with the girls the moment he she “transfers” into the school. She finds herself in the same class as Akane, and the money-minded class rep, vice class rep, and treasurer, who utilizes every opportunity to make money off her, such as making students pay 500 yen to talk with Natsuru for 30secs, and 1000yen extra to touch her. Sakura also confesses to the female Natsuru again, but the latter has to run off without giving her a proper reply when her bracelet started glowing, indicating that she is on the brink of transforming back to her male form.

Meanwhile, Nishino Masumi of the Newspaper Club interviews female Natsuru and publishes a paper on how Natsuru is a lesbian, despite Natsuru saying nothing of the kind. Due to the article, she gets swarmed by the girls, but Sakura steps in to dispel the rumors and declares publicly that Natsuru is in love with only one person (hinting at herself?). During lunch however, Shizuku makes use of Sakura’s statement and “casually” remarks that female Natsuru is dating male Natsuru. Angrily, Sakura dashes off. Finding herself about to transform again, Natsuru rushes to the library where she becomes a he again, and bumps into Akane, who has been unhappy with how dense he is. Another minor accident has Akane in a suggestive position with male Natsuru again, and who shows up at this very moment but Sakura! Mistaking male Natsuru for cheating on female Natsuru with Akane, Sakura declares war on him that she would make female Natsuru hers.

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