Random Tweet on “Kimi ni Todoke” ep 2

October 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Anime | 4 Comments

OMG!! The show is sooooooooo sweet and touching!!! Kazehaya is such an awesome guy, Sawako is such a nice girl, and I love the other 2  girls (Yano & Yoshida) as well! Ryu kinda reminds me of Mori-senpai from Ouran too.

It’s been so long since a romance series make me squee like a little girl. One can’t help but cheer Sawako on when she tries to make friends with others, and feel their blood boiling when she gets discriminated against due to mere rumors. I should blog on this series, but that would mean giving up more of my free time, which is already… *sigh*

And I love the comparison with Mamichan in this article.


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  1. Give up other things for Kimi ni Todoke!! hehe. Seriously this show ROCKS. One of the best shoujo romance animes I’ve seen in like, decades or something. What I like about the sweetness of this one is that it’s the pleasant kind of sweetness, not the typical saccharine one which can quickly leave a bad taste in your mouth after some time.

    I cry like a baby with each episode, and yes, like you almost every scene MOVES me, moves me to tears. I wanna go cheer for Sawako in her quest to make friends with people and break those barriers too. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! or something like that hehe

    • ROFL. I dun even have much time to sleep these days. T_T

      I’ll see how my weekend ends up and if I have enough time…

  2. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Better than ep 1! The sucky thing is I had trouble sleeping tonight and thought to watch some anime to help me fall asleep. This show is so FAB, it’s keeping me more awake! -_-”

    I’m stopping here for today….must get some sleep! zz..zZzzZZZ…zz

    • lol. you MUST catch up soon!

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