Seitokai no Ichizon – 06

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The Seitokai members are discussing the theme for the upcoming school festival, with each member voicing their desires. Ken dreams of a theme of lust with girls in bunny suits giving out fliers at the school gate and playing in the band; Minatsu’s ideal is of fighting passion; Chizuru prefers a dark theme on pain; Mafuyu is passionate about BL and RPGs/games as usual; and Kurimu gets stopped before she can suggest anything childish. Minatsu then reveals that she and Mafuyu would be transferring school shortly since their mother is remarrying. In an attempt to convince them to stay, Kurimu readily agrees to the “fighting passion” theme in which they would form a super sentai team. Kurimu and Minatsu then vie for the position of Red, and Kurimu argues that Minatsu can take the colour of Sunred instead, while the rest of the members wonder if Kurimu even remembers the original goal to persuade Minatsu to stay. Continuing the trend from previous episodes, Ken has a private conversation with Minatsu where he tells her that he would travel to see them every week no matter how much time/money/effort it takes. Moved by his sincerity, Minatsu (and thus also Mafuyu) decides to stay till the end of the school year.

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