November is a curse for me

November 13, 2009 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Random | 2 Comments

I wish this month would be over and done with soon. First to break is my laptop. Then, I get some shocking news. True, it’s good news and I sincerely send my blessings, but it’s not the best of time for me now. And today, I got drenched twice completely, during lunch and after work. To top it off, my phone went missing during the movie I was watching. When I was going to report the loss, part of the cinema suffered a blackout and the staff had their hands full managing the crowd, and a lost handphone is going to be so low on the priority list. Heck, the staff probably dumped the paper with my details on it by now.

The only thing left now is to suffer a physical injury. Oh wait, my colleague stepped on my bare foot while wearing her high heels. If what my Physics teacher used to say about it being more painful when a woman with high heels step on you compared to when it’s an elephant due to the surface area on which the force is applied is accurate, it’s a miracle I can still walk. So yes, I guess the only thing pending now is a major accident. I should stay out of roads or construction sites, but with my current luck, anything can happen anywhere. So if you read no news of me for 2~3 days in a row, please send white chrysanthemum flowers. Thank you in advance.

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