[Movie] Yatterman the Live Action

November 28, 2009 at 11:17 pm | Posted in Drama / Movie | 1 Comment

I’m not sure how many people would have heard of this 1977 anime series Yatterman, but I know I certainly haven’t, seeing as how it was broadcasted over 10 years before I even existed. Even so, I decided to check out the 2009 live action remake without knowing what I would be getting myself into. Note that this review is solely focused on just the movie.

Plot summary from ANN (since I’m too lazy to write one myself):

Gan, the only son of the owner of Takada Toy Shop and his girlfriend Ai serve together as Yatterman, the superhero that (along with their mecha dog Yatter-wan) fight the evil Doronbow gang, headed by the sexy Doronjo and her wacky henchmen Boyacki and Tonzura. When the daughter of an explorer brings one of four pieces of the mysterious Skull Stone to them, they must find the other pieces before the Doronbow gang does. The evil force behind the gang, the mysterious Skullobey, wants to use it to steal the world.

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09

November 28, 2009 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Anime | 2 Comments

Kuroko and Mikoto make a request to Harumi for her help in researching on the effects of the Level Upper due to her expertise in the area. Saten and Uiharu join them in the cafe, and Saten was about to show off her music player when she hears the topic that they are discussing. She hesitates when Kuroko states that there might be possible side effects to the Level Upper, and that the users have a high tendency to turn to crimes. Mikoto, who notices that Saten has been acting abnormally, talks to her about it after everyone else have left. Apparently when Saten was young, she went against her parents in order to pursue her dream of being an ability user, and who would have known that in the end, she turns out to be a Level 0.

The next day, while worrying over whether to use the Level Upper, Saten stumbles upon a group of thugs trying to extort money out of a potential buyer. She jumps in to his defense, knowing that she does not have the means to stop them. Just as she was about to get attacked, Kuroko, who has been investigating possible Level Upper trading locations, appears and takes out 2 of the thugs easily. However, the final guy proves to be too much for her. With her attacks useless, Kuroko is forced to retreat into an abandoned building, which she destroyed in order to defeat the optical illusion user. He then reveals that the Level Upper is actually a song. Meanwhile, assured of Kuroko’s safety, Saten leaves the scene, thinking about how Kuroko and her are both alike, yet vastly different due to just one aspect, and discloses the fact that she is in possession of a Level Upper.

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Otaku Celebrate Yui Hirasawa’s Birthday

November 28, 2009 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Anime, Random | 4 Comments


K-ON!’s second favourite moe blob Yui Hirasawa celebrated her birthday on the 27th of November, or rather her legion of otaku followers celebrated it for her, complete with cake…

For some otaku it is apparently not an occasion for celebration:

WTF?! I would never do this for Hinagiku. It’s not like she has passed into her afterlife, placing candles and food tributes in front of a frame with her picture.

This reminds me of my friends’ celebration for Could Strife a few years back, when they placed 2 candles next to a framed Could photo in your friendly neighbourhood playground, and a cake in the middle. One of the members was wearing the Cloud black jacket to the event (but not worshipped as him, tg). How fitting that it was the seventh month of the lunar calender too, and the parents immediately packed up their kids and left the area to these fanatics. The evening apparently ended up with their Cloud figurine falling into the cake through a pure accident while Aerith looks on from the top stand.

Apparently there was a birthday celebration for Ritsu as well, complete with pictures of other anime characters… Probably all just an excuse to indulge in the guilty pleasure of eating cake.

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