To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 21

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Telestina confirms Mikoto and Kuroko’s suspicions that the Poltergeist incidents could be the result of an interference with AIM diffusion field. Mikoto is uneasy about how current events resemble the previous Level Upper cases, but Kuroko assures her that Kiyama is still detained in district 17’s special prison. Kuroko suspects Haruue instead, since the incidents only begin after she transferred in. The pair breaks past the security measures to check on Haruue’s background and learns that while she is a Level 2 telepath, she has the unique ability to raise her level  when subjected to specific wavelengths.

Meanwhile, Uiharu brings Haruue out to the park to cheer her up, but she gets into another trance and a Poltergeist incident occurs again, injuring several people. At the hospital, Kuroko voices her thoughts that Haruue might be responsible, which greatly angers Uiharu. Telestina then transfers Haruue to her research facility where they run some tests on her ability, finally proving that she is not the culprit, even when Kuroko points out her special level-upping ability. Uiharu returns Haruue her pendant when she wakes up later, and the latter opens it to reveal a photo of Edosaki Banri, who Mikoto recognises as the girl from Kiyama’s memories. Haruue talks about how she has been hearing her voice and reveals that she is a Child Error as well.

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Bakemonogatari – 14

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Honestly, who cares about Hanekawa and her tits? I mean, sure, they look enticing with the nekomimi to complement them, and her doing that tongue twister is epicly kawaii as well, but there is NOTHING in this world that can take the spotlight away from Hitagi providing her

“Tsundere service~”

Is that a blush I see?!

Don’t you ever think about cheating on her if you treasure your life, Araragi.

PS: AWSM wallpaper, Araragi.

Ladies versus Butlers – 08

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What an AWESOME father!!!

Satan probably resides within her the moment she was born.

Can’t blame Flameheart for burying him in pillows

Daichi in swimwear?! Will it be like Hideyoshi at the swimming pool?! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~
Oh wait, Daichi is not a trap.

Lulz meido!

Meh, I don’t care about this pairing.

No NSFW pictures this week. Something has to be sacrificed for the main pair to grow closer and having him forever seeing her nude body seems detrimental to the relationship when a tsundere is involved.

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