Anime Review: Takahashi Rumiko’s works

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With several popular titles under her name, Takahashi Rumiko should not be an unfamiliar name to most anime fans. Out of her 4 major works, I have not watched Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku. However, I’m otherwise pleased to say that I’ve read Ranma ½ and Inuyasha, and finished all her other more minor works recently. There are only four words I can think of to describe Takahashi Rumiko – “genius of a storyteller”.

I can’t even remember how I started watching Mermaid’s Forest, but dark as the setting is, the intriguing plot keeps you glued to the screen as you follow the adventures of a man and his female companion searching for a cure to immortality after consuming mermaid flesh. Decades take place between each story, giving rise to a non-linear plot. Different interpretations of the mermaid legend and possible explanations are offered with each new encounter, as well as how people in different time periods react to the idea of immortality. The animation leaves much to be desired, but hey, keep in mind that you’re living in the blu-ray century and the TV series was produced 7  years ago (OVAs were from the 1990s).

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