Princess Arete

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A great show that concentrates on depth and characters as opposed to fanservice, action or CG is a dying breed, but when one comes along, the satisfaction and enjoyment is timeless, despite how old the show might be. Princess Arete is a typical example of such a phenomenon.

Within a fairy tale setting of a princess tucked away in a tower overlooking the kingdom waiting for knights to win her marriage in hand is a feminist twist to the tale, in which the princess actually saw the “knights” for the boastful power-hungry people they really were, and how she had always wanted to see the world for herself. A sorcerer appeared one day, claimed that she was cursed, and took her away with the declaration that he would turn her into a real princess. Unknown to everyone then, his real intention was to kept her locked up due to the prophecy that she had the power to take away his eternal life.

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New Heartcatch Precure ED – あしたのうた

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This is going to take more than time and a few rewatch for me to get used to this new Heartcatch Precure ED. The old one was so much more epic, and really makes me want to dance to it the moment the music kicks in. This new one though… I don’t even know where to begin talking about how mediocre it feels, just like any other kid show song.

Oh well, can’t blame the producers, since a new ED is needed for the new precures.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi – 01

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This… is… just… pure 22 mins of hentai scenes…

I was sincerely hoping for the entire story to be animated, especially how Reo and Mai got together, along with all the Reo tsuntsun / deredere moments and how Mai can always handle her. I mean, I love the game for the story and characters, not such x-rated scenes! Why must they cut out all the good parts I’m looking forward to!!! Actually, I already guessed this from all the trailers, but just wanna rant more.

Seriously, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi makes for a great anime even without the hentai involved imo.

Cat Shit One – 01

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Ok, I apologise for making fun of the title name before, I’m sorry. This show is great, it’s superb.

The animation is amazing, and the story short yet compact and full of action. There’s something about seeing cute furry little Energizer bunnies shooting guns in some sort of “America vs Iraq”-type of war that makes it so much better than most Hollywood movies these days. Packy is almost as cool as Fumoffu too!


Looks like there’s going to be 12 episodes to this series. Oh this is godsend.

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