Sound Horizon’s 7th Story 「Marchen」

December 15, 2010 at 10:38 pm | Posted in Music, Sound Horizon | 5 Comments

No, this is not a post about the songs in Sound Horizon’s newest 7th Story 「Marchen」. This is just a post for me to gloat about my copy of the 7th Story 「Marchen」 (Limited Edition) that I have.

The CD came in this nice-looking box cover. Just like all other Sanhora releases, there are more females than males on the cover and in the album. Revo-sama’s harem indeed.😄

The contents of the box open up like a dice (see photo on left), except that there is one extra side. Pictures offer a hint as to what the story is, but I still have no idea, and am eagerly awaiting the DVD for the 7th Story 「Marchen」 concert to be out. The lyrics are actually contained in that little book within the box, and a very old-fashion looking yet lovely book it is. One of the stories seem to depict the tale of Snow White, especially with the dwarves and mirror and witch and all.

This leaflet’s only purpose is to break my heart. Next.

These little cards come as the first press bonus of my CD. I wonder if each customer gets a different set of cards, otherwise, it doesn’t look like a person can ever complete the set.

With regards to the songs, overall, I’m still loving the album, BUT I WISH I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! Sigh. I have no one but my laziness in learning Japanese to blame.


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  1. I think this post it’s a little old but, all I have to say (imagining you already read the translated lyrics) is: yes I’m very very very very anxious to the DVD so we can understand all story’s peculiarities. (Revo-dono has a great voice… – How can someone compose, arrange musics and sing so well… O.O) Snow White’s story it’s hilarious… sure (by the way… did you notice it seems the same prince that appears on sleeping beauty’s story^^… he’s not lucky after all)

    [Forgive my misspell!! I’m not native]

  2. I know one who had completed the set of cards.😄

    He (or she) as responsible in translating most of Märchen’s songs. Indeed, you’re so lucky you get that box, even I don’t have anything and just to listen to youtube the songs of Märchen.

    Indeed, both prince from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty has one vocal.

    • Completed the set of cards?o_O
      I would love to see that.

      Well, you could wait till the DVD is out. Should be soon, since there has already been a 3D screening in Japan.

  3. Actually the box doesn’t open like a dice, it opens in the shape of the kanji for “seven” because of this being the 7th story. Yeah. I didn’t realise either until I saw some people talk about it online.

    • omg, it was actually obvious from my photo, but i didn’t even see it…

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