Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – 02

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From what I can surmise about  Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica from this episode, it’s about a group of “good” mahou shoujos, who are born from wishes and spread hope, fighting “bad” witches who are born from curses and spread despair. If they’re lucky after each victory, they might find an item that restores their MP. What a refreshing concept!

While the visuals are really unique, especially with the witch (I wasn’t expecting that at all), and the soundtrack unbelievably beautiful, the plot is one that we have seen countless times before. I feel a strong urge to watch a series in which the witch seeks out mahou shoujos and defeats them instead (any recommendations?). Magia is supposed to be the ending theme as well, but why is it the insert song for both episodes so far? I want a clean version to rip and loop endlessly!

And oh, don’t expect any nude “mahou shoujo transformation scenes” here.

Hourou Musuko – 01

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Definitely watching. Hourou Musuko focuses on a boy and a girl coming to terms with their transgender side, while facing mixed reactions from people around them. You can’t expect me to give up a series with a premise I have never watched before, can you? Story’s shaping up excellently as well, with the pacing being just right for me, and 11 episodes seem like a suitable length for a great story.

The art bear a striking resemblance to Aoi Hana, until I realise that both of them are created by Shimura Takako. Still, I like both the watercolor and normal pretty backgrounds. Definitely a treat to the eyes, like how the ending song by Rie Fu is a joy to my ears. Love it!

Having high hopes for this coming-out drama.

Fractale – 01

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Reminiscence of the SD System in Terra e…, the Fractale System appears to monitor and control the actions of all humans, and Clain’s mission naturally is to overthrow the system if the secret of its birth turns out to be “bad”. The idea of doppels replacing human contact is an interesting concept though. I’m curious as to whether they are programmed to behave like their human counterparts (even after they pass away), or if they are being controlled in real time.

The pace is not as slow as I imagined, but it’s not the most interesting show this season either. Apart from the “Fractale System” and doppels, we’re facing a rather normal boy, some girl who magically appeared from the brooch, a not-very-mysterious temple maiden, and 3 badies who are obviously there for comedy relief. I need more depth to the characters before I can get hooked.

I can’t deny that the opening  is colorful, but it’s like staring at an ever-changing kaleidoscope. On the other hand, I love ballads like the ending song. With Fractale being only 11 eps long, I’ll be hanging in there and hoping for better developments.

Yumekui Merry – 02

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Talk about absolutely gorgeous animation and detailed art. This is no Makoto Shinkai, but the art is simply amazing in its own way. At times, it feels like SHAFT with the simple, monochrome frames, but others are like vividly multicolored sketches, and the rest are just really cute drawings. JC Staff has really outdone itself this time in the numerous styles that it utilize.

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