Pray for Japan

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菅野よう子 (Kanno Yoko) – きみでいて ぶじでいて


きみでいて ぶじでいて

心配してる 世界が君を心配してる
きみでいて ぶじでいて

My well-wishes to the people in Japan, and to worried overseas Japanese as well. Here’s a list of how you can help:

PS: In case anyone is wondering, my friend in Japan is safe.

Kimi ni Todoke 2 – 09

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Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!! Finally the confession! But this is too short!!! Argh, how can I wait for the next episode too?! They better talk things out soon, but I doubt it would happen this fast, so I just hope that Sawako won’t misunderstood whatever Kazehaya is going to say.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 10

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I wonder why this episode is not titled “Namae wo yonde”…

One of the most fun thing about watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica for me is to see my wild guesses come true. Mwahahahaha. <Spoilers ahead>

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LaMB – an Animax production

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It’s been a while, but I finally got around to watching LaMB, a show produced by Animax. Pardon me if I don’t have much praises for it, but this show is just like a cheap, low-budget Western imitation of Japanese anime. It’s not so much the English dub, but the way the show and characters are animated, with “dramatic” car-chasing scenes and “cheesey” romance typical of Western shows. Heck, the only thing Japanese-like is just the names of the characters.

Animation aside, how about the story? Well, my initial impression of this show when I first heard of it 2 years ago was that it has an interesting premise. On the planet of Cerra, there are no prisons. Instead,  it has a system called lamination, where the criminals are forced into suits that enhance their abilities (intelligence, beauty, strength, reflexes, etc), but rip them of their free will. If they were to attempt to remove the suit, or if they were to touch any humans, there would be a powerful jolt of electricity through their bodies. In other words, they become the perfect slaves that never speak, never rebel and never grow old.

Instead of elaborating on the system and lives of people on the planet, the show concentrates on a certain doctor who obtains a LaMB, subsequently falls in love with her and gets involved with the politics of the country somehow. *Yawn* The story-telling is rather shallow, and the voice-acting is awkward and laughable, which makes any romance even worse. Fighting scenes are odd and unbelievable, especially when a LaMB can destroy planes hundreds of meters away from her with a flick of her hair. In Japanese series, we would see her jumping from plane to plane, leaving destruction in her path, which is much cooler and realistic for enhanced humans.

To make things short, this has been a total waste of time. I can’t even think of any reason why anyone should give this show a try, so go spend your time on better things.

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