[Light Novel] Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Vol. 1

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Was wondering if I wanted to do a short post on this light novel after completing book 1, or if I should wait until I have read book 2, but I figured book 1 is already sufficient as an introduction to what the series is about.

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden is your typical fantasy adventure anime light novel, with the setting based in a world where humans live on-board a floating continent. A barrier is placed by the Queen and 5 priestesses through their constant prayers to prevent unknown enemies known as Yuugenshu from attacking the humans. Our protagonist Shelltis had promised his childhood friend Yumi, who is one of the current priestess, to protect her forever, but he is exiled from the tower after falling into the world of the Yuugenshu and returning as one.

Quite a simple, typical fantasy setting, don’t you think so? The main plot of the series would be on how Shelltis has to make his way up the tower (the tower here also signifies status and power) to where Yumi is, despite being a heretic as he holds within him the power of the enemy. In spite of that, I find the story intriguing enough to want to follow the series

What are the Yuugenshu, and where do they come from? These are the questions that nobody on the continent knows the answers to, and it is suspicious how their spells sound so much like the prayers of the priestesses. Shelltis has no memories of how he returned to the continent either, as he is the only person to return from the world of the Yuugenshu, nor has he any idea how he gained the power of the Yuugenshu, and is yet able to retain his human nature. Most of all, will he finally be able to rid his body of the Yuugenshu and be with Yumi? Or will things end up differently?

The writing in this book is relatively simple to understand (or maybe it’s because I read this immediately after 5 books of Shiki), so much so that it only took a couple of hours or slightly more to finish the book. I would love to see this eventually adapted into an anime (Hikasa Youko is in the drama CD, whee~), but please wait until the novels are completed first as I hate premature endings.

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden is Sazane Kei’s second series. His first work Tasogareiro no Utatukai, also a fantasy adventure series, is next in my shopping list now.

PS: Shelltis is described as having red hair in the book. It looks purple on the cover illustration to me…

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