AKB48 Singapore Theater ‘Live’ Vol.5: SKE48, 1ST STAGE

July 27, 2011 at 11:19 pm | Posted in AKB48, Event, Music | Leave a comment

Just whose smart idea is it to hold a live stage on a weekday? Seriously, it’s not even on Friday like SDN48 was. This is in the middle of the week! And they even held a cafe special event in the day before the live stage, while sad working people like me slave away in the office.

Thanks to the new seating arrangement system, I was the third group of people to enter! Whee! Not that it mattered that much, cuz my friends who entered later found first row seats, and thus I got an excellent view of the stage with no one in front of me to block me for the first time ever in Singapore. The usual point-form notes on the stage below:

SKE48 Team S – Innocence (not performed here)
randomly linking my favourite 2nd stage song here

  • I confess. I know nuts about SKE48. I only know 6 members in all (Jurina, Rena, Kuumin, Shawako, Yuimin and Nakanishi Yuka), and out of this pitifully small group, only the last member came down to Singapore.
  • As expected, the unit songs were all from 2nd stage. Well, Team KII doesn’t know 3rd stage yet, so… yeah.
  • Also as expected, I feel totally out of place not knowing anyone in SKE48 (except Nakanishi Yuka). A few were winking and smiling and making cute little actions towards my side me, but I couldn’t shout their names back.😦
  • It’s super tiring to attend a live stage right after running away from work. I can’t remember much of what happened now, except that I got an urgent phonecall for work at 8:15pm. Each time my colleague asked where I was, the “Tiger, Fire..” chant drowned my voice out. Thereafter, I felt super guilty for not being able to complete the work cuz there’s absolutely no way I can do it.

This is probably the last live stage I’ll attend on a weekday. Sorry to all.

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