[Novel] Satsujin no Mon

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I’ve already lost track of how Higashino Keigo novels this makes.

Having murderous thoughts when unhappy things occur is easy, and happens to everyone at least once in their life. However, not everyone is able to go beyond that to open the door to actually taking action and committing murder. Satsujin no Mon relates the story of a boy whose life enters a whirling decline and explores the triggers needed to open the door.

The novel paints a very realistic story of how society a person’s surroundings can gradually break a person’s spirit and corrupt his mind and character. Tashima Kazuyuki was born in a well-to-do family, until rumors that his mother poisoned his grandmother, his parents’ divorce and his father’s obsession with a woman who’s only cheating his money changed his lifestyle. Kazuyuki grew increasingly withdrawn, became the target of school bullies and believes that he has no future. The only person who he sees as a friend appears to be there to help him, but Kazuyuki’s situation always take a turn for the worse when the friend is involved.

Kazuyuki annoys me more than his “friend”. He feels that the incidents that happen to him are out of his control, but from my point of view, he could have avoided most of them if he only learns from his previous mistakes. He blames his plight on his father, but he repeats the same actions his father took and refuses to admit that he is walking down the same path. He is indecisive, easily deceived, and doesn’t think for himself. His life would be a lot smoother if he’s able to stick to my tweet “If you want to do good, then don’t let evil tempt you. If you want to do bad, don’t have a conscience”, but he just has to choose the hard way out by regretting, but still repeating what he regretted. If he only bothers to think, it’s obvious that everything was a trap. Seriously, he wins no pity from me.

Despite everything, the characters are fleshed out very realistically. Kazuyuki is very much your boy next door until all the rumors and bullying twisted his personality. Many families have also been ruined by affairs, excessive spending and drinking addictions, not only in Satsujin no Mon.

So what drives a person to commit murder? Motive? Impulse? Surroundings? Timing? Or just that trigger, that spark that pushes a person to open the door? It’s probably any, and all, of the suggested possibilities.

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