[Novel] Game no Na wa Yuukai

November 6, 2011 at 5:23 pm | Posted in Higashino Keigo, Novels | Leave a comment

The moment I know what sort of twist to expect and what direction the plot is heading in, I know I have probably read too many Higashino Keigo works, because none of his books can be taken at face value. Like how a simple lakeside murder isn’t committed out of just jealousy, a kidnapping game isn’t just a kidnap.

Then again, it might be due to the synopsis, when it talked about a man with a grudge, the “kidnapped” girl and her rich powerful father, and asked the question “Who is in control of this game?”. The more Shunsuke schemes, the more you know it can’t be him, and the real answer becomes obvious. The new questions that arise would be why did that person do it, and how?

Game no Na wa Yuukai feels kind of lacking since I manage to see through the twists. It would definitely have been better enjoyed without being spoiled. I wonder how the film adapation (G@me) is like.

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