AFA 2011: Day 3

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Dead tired. But in a good way. =D

Basically spent most of the entire day camping at the stage area for the best seats for the likes of AKB48 Special and I♥Anisong panels. Only panel I didn’t attend is the regional cosplay competition as usual.

Mardock Scramble 2: The Second Combustion

Am under the impression that last year’s first Mardock Scramble movie had more gore and graphic scenes, but I might be mistaken. After all, this year’s movie is M18, while last year was just NC-16. Or maybe the colourful Paradise and Casino Royale part at the end toned things down in my memory. Nonetheless, Œufcoque is cute as ever.

Mardock Scramble creator and producer have announced that the 3rd Mardock Scramble movie next year would be the finale, so I’ll be at AFA 2012 for this.

AKB48 Special

Q&A panel with Tanabe Miku (Tanamin) and Nakaya Sayaka (Nakayan) from AKB48. These two members are also part of the Ota4 group consisting of 2 other otaku AKB48 members (Watanabe Mayu and Oota Aika). Very typical questions asked (eg. why did you join AKB48). However, I only just knew today that Nakayan’s favourite is Natsume Yuujinchou, while Tanamin prefers Neon Genesis Evangelion, Macross Frontier and other mecha-related series. If the Ota4 girls were to release an album, they want to sing K-ON! songs and Happy☆Material.

Sneak shot. Bad camera and lighting. Sigh.
Tanamin wiping her tears on the left.

After that, the organizers had a special surprise for the girls. Yes, they invited Mizuki Ichiro (Aniki) on stage!!! Tanamin actually cried tears of joy when Aniki came out singing “会いたかった”, ’cause he’s her favourite anisong singer, and she had hoped to meet him here. Good for you, Tanamin! And hope to see you back as a seiyuu next time, Nakayan! Check Tanamin’s squeeing post here (more details in her next post).

AnoHana Showcase

I ♥ Anisong Artiste Appearance

Photo: Courtesy of friend

Panel where angela, Itou Kanako & Shikura Chiyomaru, Kalafina and May’n were invited on stage to say hi to everyone, and that’s exactly how short their appearance is. Still, being in the front row of the middle column, I had an unobstructed view of the three divas and could shamelessly shout Keiko’s name aloud. Don’t think I’ll forget the embarrassed/nervous look Keiko gave as she waved at me. Even my friend was telling me to calm down, lol.

Kalafina Autograph Session

Sneak shots. I swear I’m not trying to be biased, but Hikaru and Wakana were blocked.

Yes, I’m one of the many fans who won a Kalafina-autographed poster. Was expecting the management office people to hand me a rolled-up poster which is assumed to be signed by the girls, but once again, I’m happily proven wrong. We actually got to hand the poster to the girls for them to sign it! Brought my Red Moon BD in hopes that they’ll sign on it instead, but I was refused.😦 Oh well, at least I could flash it in front of the girls and blabber about how much I love them. Was so excited that I was hopping from Hikaru to Keiko, and Keiko to Wakana.

And oh wow, the girls feel so much smaller than I had imagined.

I’ll treasure this forever and ever and ever.
And Wakana’s marker looked like it was running out of ink halfway.

Tanamin and Nakayan Handshake Session

Nakayan looks tired. Tanamin must be recharged from seeing Aniki.

Didn’t intend to go for the handshake, but I didn’t expect that purchasing the tickets for the coming AKB48 live stage counts as well, so I attended this since I have the coupon. Nothing much to it, just a quick handshake and go. Hope Nakayan had a good time here, cuz we all know Tanamin sure did.

I ♥ Anisong concert

In point forms:


  • Milky Holmes next. What are they doing here when they ain’t exactly pros in singing? I still don’t feel their charm, and only 3 of the 4 members came. Ranger Blue is missing. Performed 2 songs and left.
  • 10 mins break interval. Have been quite annoyed with Danny Choo coming in during the Milky Holmes and interval segments. He’s disrupting the flow of the concert. >:[


  • angela right after the break. Am not a big fan of her newer works. Her singing “残酷な天使のテーゼ” is really really a wonderful surprise that brought me to my feet cheering like mad. angela then continued the momentum with her two classic hits – “Shangri-La” and “明日へのBrilliant Road“.
  • It was a great idea to bring my AKB48 towel, even if I forgot that a towel is needed for “Shangri-La” initially. =D
  • I don’t know why Atsuko was so touched that she had tears in her eyes when the audience responded that they we know “明日へのBrilliant Road”. It is one of her best works, despite how old it is.
  • Katsu-oniichan even ran down to the stage at one point and high-fived the first row people.


  • Now, time for the biggest question of the night: who will end the concert? Kalafina? Or May’n?
  • Announcement reveals the answer: Next up is Kalafina. Ugh, I don’t want May’n to end…


  • Kalafina was stunning. Completely blown me away with “Magia” and my favourite “oblivious“. Followed up with “輝く空の静寂には“, “Lacrimosa“, “sprinter“, “音楽” and concluded with “光の旋律“.
  • Love my aisle seat, which means I could move around freely to find an excellent spot where I had a clear view of all three girls. Wakana was in front of me, btw.
  • I was totally an energizer bunny hopping around and otagei-ing like nobody’s business (yes, I don’t care who I’m blocking). I did wait for 10 years before attending a Kajiura Yuki-related live performance.
  • “音楽” was absolutely a surprise. While it’s my favourite song from Seventh Heaven (apart from the Kara no Kyoukai songs), I’ve never thought that it’s popular. Neither would I have imagined that the girls would perform it live here. 本当に、ありがとうございます!!!
  • Watching Kalafina live confirmed my belief that Keiko is a playgirl. Going from Wakana to Hikaru to Wakana. Sheesh. But isn’t that part of why I like her?😄
  • Hikaru did go over to Wakana’s side, but the gesture wasn’t as passionate as Keiko’s.😄
  • General consensus from friends is that Kalafina sang our dream song list except for “ARIA”. Personally, it’s not a big minus to me, since “ARIA” needs Maya.
  • Heard that some feel “光の旋律” is a boring ending to Kalafina. To be honest, none of their songs make a great ending. Each one just makes me want to listen to more.
  • Please keep your promise to be back, Keiko!!!!! (Maybe as FictionJunction though?)


  • On the other hand, May’n is a lousy ending to Kalafina (shoo, any May’n fans).
  • Sound system was horribly loud, only in the May’n segment. My ears hurt from the noise levels, not the singing.
  • May’n is a decent/good singer, but her songs are just not my kind of songs. Heard that her Macross Frontier songs are the best, but she performed none of them tonight.
  • Friends and I have no idea why May’n, who’s here for the 4th time, is the final artiste instead of Kalafina. Sad to tell my friend, but this experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Scheduling May’n with her loud songs behind Kalafina with their distinctive Kajiuran songs is just not a wise move. The style differs so much that my Kalafina memories are all wiped out. No wonder people were leaving the moment Kalafina ended. Should’ve done the same myself, but I held out in the vain hopes that Kalafina would re-appaear on stage again.
  • [edit] Ok, apparently “射手座午後九時Don’t be late“, the only song of hers that I shouted along with, is a Macross Frontier song. But I was still hoping for “LION” or “Diamond Crevasse“.
  • In the end, my reward for staying behind was to hear “Brain Diver”. FML. I’m out.

Final words

LiSA mentioned yesterday that she likes Singapore’s chicken rice. Itou Kanako mentioned today that she likes Singapore’s chicken rice. Kalafina mentioned and blogged today that they like Singapore’s chicken rice. Suddenly, I want to eat Singapore’s chicken rice.

(According to LiSA, Japan’s chicken rice is rice with tomato, while Singapore separates the rice and chilli. It sounds more like LiSA was eating omurice to me. Also, Wakana likes the sweet soy sauce.)


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  1. if we’re looking at what could’ve been selected from the setlist, [oblivious] as Kalafina segment’s closing would have been perfect, imo. first KnK theme as the final song of their first gig here would be poetically fitting. it’s also not a power song like [音楽] and [sprinter] so it doesn’t leave one too highly strung, nor a smooth one like [Kagayaku] that feels lacking, but [oblivious] would probably have left the fans hyped up enough to go “eeeeh? more! more! aaaaAAAARRRRGGGHHHH” for future performances.

    • true, but it’ll make May’n so much harder to bear too. I’m already verging between strong dislike and outright hatred now.

      • You mean you weren’t already? :p

        Good thing I went blank during May’n’s performance since I went crazy during Kalafina’s. I pretty much anticipated Magia, Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa, Hikari no Senritsu, and Sprinter. Oblivious, Ongaku, and Lacrimosa were really, really excellent surprises! After Ongaku, I had hoped they’d go into Mata Kaze ga Tsuyokunatta for more awesomeness, but alas, they had to announce “lasto song”. ;_;

        Please come back next year to AFA!

        P/S: Hated that announcer who broke my hope for an encore. >:[

        P/S: I’m also friends with strandalone.😉

      • I just try to ignore her existence as much as possible.
        Yeah, I know, you guys were contacting each other.

      • i just wanted it to be over soon. why didn’t it? why?

  2. Oh, about the M18 thing… well, if you discount the nudity, wouldn’t that rating mostly be due to the whole Tweedle brothers’ bestiality incest stuff? on a side note, prospective gamblers received a crash course on roulette. and oh, now that we’ve actually had the chance to see them in person, am i the only one who thinks Hikaru’s eyes had the most 放电 quality?

    • no sir, you were not wrong. Hikaru was definitely on fire last night. I will have to be honest and say, I was pleased by Itou Kanako and angela. they outperformed expectations. Kalafina was simply divine! … and I agree with your May’n’s critique. I left at the beginning of her 3rd song… whatever that was. was still euphoric from Kalafina. But the was only so much one can do when one’s right at the back :LOL:…

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