Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – 04

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I’ll say yes to anything this face asks of me. *_*

Yuuta is really such a good guy, and I’ll probably repeat this line for as long as he takes care of the girls. It’s going to be tough for him to look after three girls by himself though. The least his relatives could do is help him out financially. >:[

Ah~ I want to rewatch Binbou Shimai Monogatari after this show.

[Light Novel] 因与聿案簿录之一:山猫

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Had been away for 2 weeks playing with the chihuahua and babies in my hometown. Back to my regular otaku lifestyle now.

Found this series of light novels by a Taiwanese writer in Popular bookstore. Having been used to Chinese-translated light novels by Japanese authors, the writing style and terms used in this book are evidently different. There are more Chinese slang and less character interactions and development than I’ll like, but also less hard-to-remember names.

山猫 is a supernatural mystery novel. The protagonist possesses the ability to see supernatural beings, and is told by his two policeman fathers one day that he’ll be getting a foster brother. This foster brother is the only surviving witness from a murder case involving an entire family, but is unable to speak due to shock from the incident. Our protagonist, along with his new brother, tries to get to the bottom of a series of mysterious deaths, which seem to involve the ghost of a wildcat.

I’ve never been good with horror. I admit that. This author doesn’t use much descriptive phrases in her novel, but the horror element is there. The story is simple but intriguing, though the mystery in the first novel isn’t complex enough for my taste. It’s a bit too convenient how the victims of the ghostly wildcat are able to provide so much hints before they die. Nonetheless, there is potential, and the second book in this series is certainly looking better so far.

There are 8 books (+ 1 extra) in this series. Since it’s not too long, I might just get them all.

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