Ano Natsu de Matteru – 04

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That unforgettable summer which is about to begin? Certainly can’t be more memorable than a romance with a girl who fights alien invaders in a fighter jet named “Black Manta” (see Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu).

[Light Novel] 因与聿案簿录之二:水漬

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This supernatural mystery series appear to have got down the path of a full-fledged horror novel in the second volume, with bloody faces appearing on walls everywhere, dead little girls bouncing balls over all the place, and eyeballs staring at you from every hole and crack. In terms of crime solving, any decent detective would have uncovered the truth in half the length of this book, and a good one would take a quarter of that with all the clues provided by the ghosts.

It’s good to see that 少荻聿 is starting to warm up to the family. From the hints given, he seems to lead an isolated life in the past, when he revealed that he had a lot of time to read and learn things by himself. He’s probably an unwanted child, seeing as how he didn’t think that he should be alive, and was locked up when his family was killed. Still, he is pretty much a mystery.

I was hoping that the news of the headless corpse mentioned in the first volume would be the main case gradually unfolding in the background of the series till the final book. As such, I was slightly disappointed that it was resolved so easily and quickly. Looks like the final volume would probably be the mystery of 少荻聿’s past instead. Or so I hope.

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