Vocaloid: 合唱『Just Be Friends』- Nico Nico Chorus

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I’m supposed to still be on my self-declared one-week break, but I’m gonna interrupt it to talk about this video:

Totally amazing and captivating. I probably won’t have thought that it’s a Vocaloid song if I wasn’t told beforehand. From wiki:

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody.

A youtube explanation using Hatsune Miku as an example (since she’s the first to be born) would be

I wonder what would happen if they decide to use Mamichan‘s voice in the Vocaloid program. Can I finally hear a beautiful Mamichan singing voice?!

[Edit: Apparently Halyosy (and some others) are actual vocalists who are known for singing popular Vocaloid songs made by others. However, Luka (the original singer of the song and the final singer in the “Just Be Friends ~Nico Nico Chorus ver.~”) is Megurine Luka.]

What is Touhou Project?

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I first know of Touhou via an avatar I saw of 2 pretty girls erm… kissing each other. Thinking that it was an anime, I went around forums asking and was informed that it’s from Touhou Project, a bullet hell shooting game. And bullet hell it was when I watched this clip:

How the heck does anyone play that game?! It’s insane! I’ll die in a second if the controller’s in my hands!

Still wondering what’s up with this Touhou thing since I seem to see lots of doujinshi on it from websites like Wings of Yuri, I finally found an explanation video.

First thing that I noted was that the music is beautiful! I love the Touhou music, and apparently it’s really popular at Comiket for the music and doujinshi too!

Conclusion? I’ll never play Touhou Project, but I love their music, and the art, and I wish someone can give me a background to the story for me to start reading the doujinshi.

Girls of Touhou

As a side note, Touhou Project has its own manga now, and it even inspired a fan-made anime OVA, much to the disapproval of the original developer. I seriously wonder how they got seiyuus like Nakahara Mai, Sawashiro Miyuki, Tanaka Rie, and Takahashi Mikako to join the cast.

On Seiyuus and Videos

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A skype conversation earlier prompted me to write this post.

YoutubeSo where can we see seiyuus doing their voice-acting work? Well, Youtube is always a good idea, with the ever-popular clips of Kugyu, and also for random clips like talk sessions, CMs and compilations. However, there are just too few videos on youtube, and such clips that we enjoy are restricted by Youtube’s 10mins limit. The majority is still only available on the japanese website Nicovideo.

NicovideoSigning up for Nicovideo is FOC, and there are websites out there that guide you step-by-step. After signing up, voilà! You get access to so many more fun clips like Shizuka crying in the ghost house, radio shows, and more! Of cuz, you might need to know a bit of Japanese since there are no subs for the videos…

YoukuFor people who can read Chinese, Youku is another valuable source of squeey information. Using Marimite as an example, you get easy access to the full Lillian festival, and some behindthescenes specials. I mean, it even has the entire Chinese-subbed version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekusou!

So here are the video sources for my squee-ing pleasures. Have fun, girls!

The Guild

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Wow, I never expected the “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” MV to garner so much interest and inspire people to sing along to it!

The MV is basically to promote the 3rd season of the independent sitcom web series, The Guild, about a group of online gamers (think World of Warcraft). The Guild, written by Felicia Day (who stars as Codex and is the female singer in the MV), follows their lives both offline and online. Each episode is only 3-8 mins long, and most MMORPG players should be able to relate to the characters.😄

Without further ado, here is the first ep from Season 1. Season 2 is available on their website.


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I’m bored and waiting for the new anime season to begin so I can actually review on current anime series. It’s so odd for me to start reviewing ongoing series now when they’re already halfway through or about to end. Still, maybe I’ll write about Valkyria Chronicles. It’s annoying the hell out of me. And Hayate no Gotoku and FMA: Brotherhood are always awesome to talk about.

Unfortunately, there are no new HnG and FMA episodes this week due to some sports event in Japan that took up the anime broadcasting time! Argh!!! I feel like stabbing a Makoto dakimakura. Totally understand how Konata from Lucky Star feels about sport programs. Grr…


Edit: Ok, it seems like there is HnG after all. Where are the subs?!?!!

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