Hanamaru Kindergarten to be animated

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Hanamaru KindergartenWell, I guess this is a random update too. In any case, I can’t believe that a manga that I bought and read by accident is going to be animated in Jan 2010.

In a one-liner, Hanamaru Kindergarten is about a little kindergarten girl (on the right of the pic, with the ahoge) who is in love with her male teacher, who in turn has a crush on the female teacher (the 2 adults in the pic). It reminds me greatly of Potemayo, though the staff list is different (I want Kitaeri!!!). Nonetheless, I’ll be looking forward to this as a comedy, slice-of-life short drama to ease my brain cells and pass the time when there’s nothing fun on TV.

New Season: ささめきこと (Sasameki Koto)

August 25, 2009 at 4:13 am | Posted in Anime | 5 Comments
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And so, one of the most anticipated yuri TV anime series Sasameki Koto will be released on 7 Oct in Tokyo, Japan! In just 6 more weeks, we will get to watch Sumi with Ushio!

For those with no idea what I’m talking about, Sasameki Koto is about Sumika Murasame, a girl who harbors an unrequited love for Ushio Kazama, her best friend and a lesbian. Unfortunately for Sumi, while she is tall, cool, smart and good at sports, Ushio only likes cute girls.

The seiyuu cast list is as follows:
Sumika Murasame : Ayahi Takagaki
Ushio Kazama: Megumi Takamoto
Tomoe Hachisuka: Hitomi Harada
Miyako Taema: Chiwa Saito
Masaki Akemiya/Akemi Mayasaki: Ayaka Shimizu
Kiyori Torioi: Emiri Katou
Azusa Aoi: Mayuki Makiguchi

Much as I wish for it to use the usual yuriyuri gang of Shizuka & Naba, or Yuuyuu & Amisuke, the producers probably prefer using less-known seiyuus for their own reasons. That was such case with Aoi Hana too.

That being said, Sasameki Koto will be produced by AIC, which brought us Candy Boy as well, so we can have high expectations of the anime quality! ^_^

Sasameki Koto

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